With over a decade of experience of asking farmers what they want, and delivering demonstrations, crop walks and conferences tackling the tough issues, Vic No-Till prides itself that farmers can leave any of its events taking with them ideas that can be implemented on farm immediately.

Across Victoria, the uptake of no-till farming and controlled-traffic farming has advanced dramatically since the formation of the no-till and zero-tillage farming Victoria group. Through Vic No-Till’s regular farming events, the association has supported farmers in providing practical hands on tips, tools and expertise regarding reduced tillage farming systems.

Our Victoria no-till farming group aims to improve knowledge and empower broadacre cropping farmers and be a point of call for Victorian farmers looking to know more about reduced tillage, minimum tillage and direct drill seeding and how no-till farming systems work. We have a passionate committee, all with great experience in no-till and controlled-traffic farming (CTF) with a desire to see the zero tillage approach become a standard agricultural practise. We also have a long list of support partners from business, government and natural resource sectors that have provided the means to put us at the forefront of no-till farming.

We’re always looking for new members who want to join our association in Victoria. You would be part of a growing no-till farming Victoria network, receiving practical hands-on advice for improving your harvest from leading growers already using no-till and controlled-traffic farming systems.

Get in touch with us at Vic No-Till to find out more, or watch our soil matters video for further information on the benefits of no-till farming.