With years of experience of asking farmers what they want and delivering demonstrations, crop walks and conferences that encourage people to think outside the square, VicNoTill prides itself on farmers being able to leave any VicNoTill event with ideas that can be implemented on-farm immediately.

Across Australia, the uptake of no-till farming and controlled-traffic farming has advanced dramatically since the formation of the no-till, zero-tillage and regenerative farming group. Through Vic NoTill’s regular farming events, the association has supported farmers in providing practical hands on tips, tools and expertise regarding reduced tillage farming systems.

Our Australian no-till farming group aims to improve knowledge and empower broadacre cropping farmers and be a point of call for farmers across Australia and around the world looking to know more about regenerative systems, building soil biology, reduced tillage, minimum and zero-tillage seeding and how no-till regenerative farming systems work.

With a passionate farmer-led committee we bring the latest innovations from all around the world to our growing member network from most Australian states including Victoria, NSW, SA, WA and Tasmania. We follow a ‘farmers helping farmers’ philosophy with our diverse membership sharing their successes and failures to help others grow. We work with business, government, scientific and natural resource partners to host national and international specialists and encourage innovation and change to regenerate the most valuable resource on this planet – our soils.

We’re always looking for new members who want to join our farmers helping farmers network. Be part of a growing regenerative, no-till farming group which openly shares practical hands-on advice for improving your harvest and production. VicNoTill is made up of leading Australian farmers at various stages of running regenerative, no-till and controlled-traffic farming systems.

Get in touch with us at Vic NoTill to find out more, or watch our regenerative farming systems video for further information on the benefits of regenerative and no-till farming.