Guano Australia Pty Ltd

May 14, 2019

From humble beginnings in the late 80’s, Guano Australia (a subsidiary of Kismet International Pty Ltd) commenced from its home base in Shepparton Victoria.

John Kismet Jashar, the founder, grew up on his family orchards in Shepparton Victoria and recognised a demand for a certified organic form of P, for organic farmers, but that was just the beginning of the evolution of Guano Australia’s business. We launched our original granular Guano Gold-Kwik Start® for the Organic-Bio-Dynamic industry and as time went on, the high demand from conventional farmers grew by the day. We were also approached with several other requirements such as; Airseeder application and to add Sulphur.

Well we did just that and launched our airseeder friendly Guano Sulphur Gold® which includes Elemental Sulphur. It took several years, a lot of money and the world’s best technology to achieve this and now after all that time, we have “Nailed It”. Fast Forward to 2019, and Vic the No-Till board members are now our customers.

Board members; all of you steam rolled us and as the B-Doubles started to depart Brisbane to your farms, the question of sponsorship for the Victorian No-Till Farmers Association [VNTFA] came up. As the trucks rolled out across the country, John became infused with your VNTFA way of farming and now we are your National Platinum Sponsor for the next 3 years (at least). We are here to and will support you all.

As a farm member of VNTFA, before you spend any money on synthetic – chemical fertilisers, please follow the below links to read about our background and our specialised technical information. This is very important to us as life as a farmer is a now, more than ever, a very tough gig. Every cent you spend must give you bang for your buck. There are no 2nd chances.

Guano Gold® products are the only authentic Certified & Registered Guano products in Australia.

Beware of Imitations