Calder Permaculture

January 17, 2020

We are a small family business committed to keeping our team comprised of people sharing the same passion, commitment, and understanding of our product.

For generations farms have been over cropped, over worked and treated with synthetic chemicals. Stimulator® is plant nutrition – just as nature intended, ready renew your ground and feed your soil.

Our compost is produced on site and is naturally teaming with biology. Once consumed by the army of worms the life, biology (or in other words – the good stuff!) multiply, naturally. The resultant leachate is simply natures gift, Stimulator®, ready to work for you.

Stimulator® has a cumulative positive effect on the land, maximising benefit and cost-effectiveness of working with mother nature, rather than against her.

The use of Stimulator® has provided evidence of;
– Resilience to frost & dry conditions
– Repellence to some parasitic & invasive insects and fungi
– Enhanced seed germination & root systems
– Grazing animals prefer Stimulator® treated pastures & stubble
– Encourages return of your native earth worms

Give back to your soils by giving Stimulator® a try to see the results for yourself.