VicNoTill is a leading voice in  Australia for the use of no-till farming systems. Our association started in 2002 after a small group of Wimmera farmers joined forces to discuss the benefits they were seeing using no-till farming techniques. The group’s success quickly spread and Vic No-Till went from strength to strength as more farmers saw the benefits of no-till and zero-tillage farming.

The no-till farming pioneers in Victoria paved the way for our next generation who have a thirst for knowledge and farm improvement. Our  farmers are implementing soil health principles to build the robustness and resilience of their farming systems. No-Till and retained stubble retention farming systems are not only environmentally sustainable, they are profitable and they produce a product that is nutrient dense. .

VicNoTill has had more than a decade’s experience questioning farmers on what they want, tackling tough issues and delivering no-till farming events, such as demonstrations, crop walks and conferences. Our association prides itself on being a valuable education and mentoring resource for farmers in Victoria, and the fact that growers can leave our events and immediately implement ideas they take away with them.

We’re always looking for new members to join so if you’d like further information, please get in touch with us at VicNoTill. Alternatively, watch the video below to find out how we’re helping farmers manage their soil better through reduced tillage farming practises.