Our Victoria no-till farming group is a great association to be part of. As a member you are part of a united group of crop growers from all parts of Victoria, whose goal is to advance no-till and zero till farming systems and learn from one another. You will learn a great deal about no-till farming systems and have the support of fellow farmers trialling systems such as precision technology, companion planting, cover cropping, and controlled traffic farming. Learn more about our no-till farming Victoria group to see if you want to be part of a growing collective of farmers pioneering agriculture practices for a sustainable farming future.

Membership information

Join Vic No-Till and receive great membership benefits

  • Subscription to our quarterly magazine.
  • Free or reduced admission to events organised by Vic No-Till, including workshops, on-farm demonstrations, and farm tours.
  • Access to mentoring programs.
  • Discount (60%) to our association’s premier event of the year – Vic No-Till’s annual conference.
  • Regular e-updates.
  • Be part of a network with leading growers, the early adopters of no-till farming and controlled traffic farming and derive the benefits of their trials and errors.
  • Be part of a network that can provide practical, hands-on advice and information that will help you achieve better results at harvest time.

Vic No-Till’s Mentoring Program