Farmer’s quest to find the right balance

October 19, 2020

Jason and Caroline Willis Dirnaseer, NSW Mixed farm, cropping and sheep Biological system since 2004 Below is an excerpt of a story which first appeared in Vic No-Till’s member magazine From the Ground Up, Winter 2020. We had some incredible feedback on the story, as did Jason and Caroline. If you would like to read...

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Nutrition farming for broadacre

September 23, 2020

We have just uploaded our latest webinar to VicNoTill’s YouTube channel. VicNoTill president Brent Rothacker and board member Tara Hindson catch up with Graeme Sait, CEO and co-founder of Nurtri-Tech Solutions, TED Talk presenter ‘Humus saves the world’ and internationally sought after presenter on links between soil, plant, animal and human health. Graeme travels the...

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Residue to the MAX

July 28, 2020

Stubble residue drives productivity. How? It reduces evaporation, protects against erosion and provides young plants with a better growing environment. A stripper front is a tool that maximises residue. Here’s a first hand account of Australian growers who are using stripper fronts, plus one South Dakotan farmer whose been using them since the early 1990s....

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Soil farming – a balancing act

July 16, 2020

• Toby Caithness, 340ha Bengworden • Trevor and Carryn Caithness, 1400ha Forge Creek • East Gippsland VIC • Cattle, sheep and cropping • Summer forage crops for cattle • Also own a fertiliser supply and spreading business • Using nutrients to balance soils for past two decades This story first appeared in From the Ground...

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VicNoTill Webinars

July 13, 2020

With VicNoTill’s focus on bringing farmers together in paddocks, at workshops and at our sell-out annual conference – 2020 has required a big shift in the way we keep our members in touch with each other. We’ve introduced live webinars and have launched a new YouTube channel where we are sharing these webinars and other...

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Tribute to retiring VicNoTill board members

February 14, 2020

It is with mixed emotions that VicNoTill has farewelled two of its valuable board members, president Grant Sims and treasurer Ross Watson. Ross, who farms near Swan Hill in the Mallee, joined VicNoTill in 2014 and Grant from Pine Grove in North Central Victoria joined the following year. They opened their paddocks and enthusiastically welcomed...

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Nicole Masters Soils Masterclass in March

January 27, 2020

VicNoTill is proud to bring agro-ecologist, educator and systems thinker Nicole Masters back to Australia for a three day intensive workshop in the Wimmera starting Tuesday March 24, 2020. Visit our What’s On page for full details and bookings. You can also read an article by Nicole – Profitable Transitions into Regenerative Ag – which...

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Exciting time to be in ag: TARA HINDSON

January 20, 2020

This article first appeared in From the Ground Up, Spring 2019, Vic No-Till’s member magazine. To become a member and access the latest in regenerative farming systems in Australia join the Vic No-Till farmer network HERE. Exciting time to be in ag By Melissa Pouliot Tara and Rob Hindson, daughters Isabelle and Winnie ‘Brippick’ Neuarpurr,...

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HAGGERTY: Prospect for a new agriculture, Natural Intelligence Farming

June 26, 2019

This article appeared in the Vic No-Till Members Magazine From the Ground Up, Autumn 2018 edition, and Ian and Di Haggerty were guest speakers at our 2018 Conference. We print three magazines a year and post to our members, with the focus on innovative Australian farmers such as the Haggerty family: more membership details.  SNAPSHOT...

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Replacing fungicides with nutrition sets new direction: BEN STANICH

June 24, 2019

The full article appears in the Vic No-Till Members Magazine From the Ground Up, Autumn 2019 edition. We print three magazines a year and post to our members, with the focus on innovative Australian farmers such as the Stanich family: more membership details.  Nutrition not fungicides By Melissa Pouliot Great Southern Western Australian grower Ben...

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