Soil cover is everything: BEN RANFORD

April 14, 2019

This article appears in the Vic No-Till Members Magazine From the Ground Up, Spring 2018 edition. We print three magazines a year and post to our members, with the focus on innovative Australian farmers such as the Ranford family: more membership details.  Aspiring to be a ‘soil builder’ By Melissa Pouliot Eyre Peninsula farmer Ben...

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SOILS MASTERCLASSES & WORKSHOP – Dig deeper into regenerative ag

January 14, 2019

This article was written by Nicole Masters for Vic No-Till’s member magazine From the Ground Up, and appears in Issue 56 (Spring 2018). Follow us on Facebook or Twitter and check our What’s On page for workshop details. Profitable transitions in Regenerative Ag By Nicole Masters Regenerative Agriculture has become a catch cry for producers...

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Three generations regenerate: DAN FOX

December 5, 2018

This article first appeared in Issue 55 Winter 2018 of From the Ground Up, Vic No-Till’s member magazine. To become a member and access the latest in regenerative farming systems in Australia join the Vic No-Till farmer network HERE. By Melissa Pouliot for Vic No-Till It’s rare to find three generations of farmers working together, and even...

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Young Wimmera farmer sees future in soils: BEN CORDES

November 5, 2018

This article first appeared in Issue 54 Autumn 2018 of From the Ground Up, Vic No-Till’s member magazine. To become a member and access the latest in regenerative farming systems in Australia join the Vic No-Till farmer network HERE. By Melissa Pouliot for Vic No-Till Young Wimmera farmer and agronomist Ben Cordes takes a measured...

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3 Day Workshops – Finding the Right Balance

August 29, 2017

    Book your tickets here:   Thinking regeneratively The word sustainability has become a common term in our society today. It has also become our best attempt at trying to describe what we do in the agricultural world. This term is used in a variety of contexts and has taken on many definitions....

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Keeping soil alive

March 9, 2017

NSW farmer Matt McKinley thinks carefully before he answers a question. After he answers, he is apprehensive that he may have said the wrong thing. He says he doesn’t have all the answers, and that he is making plenty of mistakes along the way. And for all those reasons, the perfect place to share his...

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Wimmera grower shifts from no-till to zero-till

December 8, 2016

This article first appeared in From The Ground Up, Autumn 2016. Wimmera farmer Paul Oxbrow was president of VicNoTill from 2015 for three years, and his system has evolved significantly since this article was published. Paul is still a VicNoTill board member and has evolved his system by reintroducing stock, growing multi-species covers and companion...

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Finding the right balance

December 2, 2016

Finding the right balance was the focus of the Australian visit of international holistic farming expert Joshua Dukart from North Dakota, with more than 160 people attending his full day workshops as well as hearing him speak at Underground and during farm tours. Joshua is a certified educator of holistic management and an agricultural and...

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Regenerative Ag

October 5, 2016

We talk about sustainable agriculture and feeding the world, but a new way is entering our farm gates and it means a whole lot more than being sustainable. Regenerative Ag is happening in Australia, and around the world, where farmers are rethinking their systems in their quest to find the right balance. Hear from Australian...

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Farmers are a social bunch – how Twitter is changing their world

August 12, 2016

Twitter handle – @VicNotill When a group of like-minded farmers formed the Victorian No-Till Farmers Association in 2002 they were looking for a way to share information and provide support to others who wanted to grow better food and fibre through improving soil health. They hosted paddock walks, machinery demonstrations and an annual conference to...

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