The Victorian No-Till Farmers Association (VicNoTill) formed in 2002 to bring together farmers wanting to improve their soil health and ultimately, their bottom line. The group initially formed to share information about no-till techniques such as zero-till, stubble retention and Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF). With significant advances in technology and global connectedness over the past two decades, VicNoTill has grown and evolved.

We are now a national network of farmers helping each other transition to regenerative farming systems that produce more nutrient-rich food and fibre.

Our national network is a great way to meet like-minded farmers.

Our goal is to advance regenerative, biological farming systems and share expertise in no-till and zero-till systems, whether you are 100% cropping or have a combination of livestock and cropping. Our member network is spread across Australia, and our farmers are managing their systems under a range of climate and environmental conditions.

Our focus

We are all working towards a common goal – profitable farms that grow nutritious food and prosper for future generations. Whether you are at the very beginning of changing your farming system, or have been doing it for a long time, VicNoTill welcomes you all.

We bring together farmers with experience in:

  • Regenerative techniques
  • Integrating livestock into cropping systems
  • Integrating cropping into livestock systems
  • Nutrition and biology
  • Cover cropping, multi-species covers, living roots all year round
  • Building more resilient cropping systems
  • Composting
  • Strip ‘n’ disc systems (stripper fronts and discs)
  • Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF)
  • Transitioning to zero-till

What I love about VicNoTill is its motto: farmers helping farmers. It’s all about sharing, VicNoTill doesn’t try to tell anyone how to do anything, it’s just about sharing what they do. Grant Sims, North Central Victoria (VicNoTill President 2016-2019)

Farming systems growing nutrient rich food

VicNoTill started in 2002 to further explore and test no-till and zero-till farming systems in Victoria. The organisation of ‘farmers helping farmers’ has remained at the forefront of new innovations in farming since that time, evolving and growing to incorporate regenerative farming systems that produce nutrient-rich food and fibre. One thing that has remained constant...

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