VicNoTill has regular events to promote no-till farming in Australia. The purpose of VicNoTill events is to inform growers of new developments in regenerative and biological agriculture, reduced tillage farming, learn from each other and to increase our membership base across Australia. It’s worth becoming a member of our no-till farming Australia group to take advantage these events and meet other  farmers, all at different stages in their adoption of regenerative, biological and zero tillage farming.

Want to know more about no-till farming systems in Australia?  Then  VicNoTill  is the group to turn to. We have a strong and passionate committee working hard to progress the association and make it a valuable education resource for farmers looking to implement regenerative, biological and zero-till farming practices, including controlled traffic farming, strip ‘n’ disc systems or incorporating stock into your cropping system – with the focus on improving and regenerating your soils.

Contact us at VicNoTill for more information or browse our events below to see what we’ve got coming up.

September 3, 2024

VicNoTill Conference 2024 – FOOD FOR THOUGHT

Save the date for VicNoTill’s annual conference! And this year we’re bringing you even more than before. September 3, 4 & 5 Wagga Wagga NSW Spend quality time with Joel Williams in the conference room, in the paddock and during a masterclass. You will also meet Stacey Curcio from Cultivating Wellness and leading Australian farmers…

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