January 16, 2020

LawrieCo has been developing and manufacturing biological nutrition solutions for the Australian agricultural market for 21 years.  Based in Adelaide, South Australia LawrieCo embraces a solution-driven approach to product development which has seen it become a well-recognised business in the biological space.

LawrieCo works with growers and reseller partners to deliver biological nutrition programs that complement existing management practices, to deliver productivity gains whilst building healthier soils. 

The LawrieCo range includes:

  • Biological Seed Treatments,
  • Air-Seeder suitable Granular Fertilisers and blends including Guano and Prilled Humates,
  • Biologically Active Soil Conditioners – customised to Soil Test requirements,
  • Liquid Fertilisers suitable for Liquid Inject, Foliar and Fertigation,
  • Humic & Fulvic fertilisers in powder, granule and liquid format,
  • Stubble & Residue Management programs including biology and targeted nutrition,
  • Animal Health humic supplements and biological stock lick blocks
  • Soil Carbon building programs for Regenerative Ag and/or Carbon Trading.