VicNoTill Webinars

July 13, 2020

With VicNoTill’s focus on bringing farmers together in paddocks, at workshops and at our sell-out annual conference – 2020 has required a big shift in the way we keep our members in touch with each other.

We’ve introduced live webinars and have launched a new YouTube channel where we are sharing these webinars and other resources that we’ve developed to connect our network that stretches across Australia and overseas.

More than 300 people tuned in live to our first webinar with VicNoTill growers Grant Sims and Tom Briggs and regenerative systems specialist Nicole Masters. Other webinars that have followed have also been popular, and for those who have missed out on tuning in live can go to YouTube to catch up.

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  • You can also join up to be a member and go on our mailing list for all upcoming events – for now they are all virtual but we look forward in the future to getting together in the paddock again.