VicNoTill board nominations now open

July 6, 2021

We are looking for new farmers to help us lead our national network of like-minded farmers.

VicNoTill’s goal is to advance regenerative, biological farming systems and share knowledge and expertise in no-till and zero-till systems. Our network is spread across Australia and our farmers are managing their systems under a range of climate and environmental conditions.
Nominate before Monday August 2, 2021 by phoning Penny on 0402 216 267 or email
Board members will be elected at the AGM on Friday August 6, 2021 which starts at 12 noon via Zoom
We are proud of who we are and what we do, and these words by Libby Price from Country Today rural radio sums us up well:
The young VicNoTill farmers are inspirational, their enthusiasm contagious, their courage to break the rules and challenge agricultural practices admirable.
NSW farmer Dan Fox joined the VicNoTill board earlier this year – he came to his first conference in 2017 and says the best thing about being part of VicNoTill is:
We all have a common goal to improve our farms. We might be at different stages of where we want to get to and how we are getting there but we’re all in this together and can help each other by sharing and broadening our knowledge.