Controlled-traffic farming in Victoria – reap benefits from what you sow

November 30, 2015

Years of conventional farming methods have compacted soils and made them less productive and less profitable. If this is typical of your farm and you think there has to be a better way of managing your crops, then consider the benefits of controlled-traffic farming.

What is controlled-traffic farming?

Controlled-traffic farming reduces soil compaction by creating permanent traffic lanes and confining machinery wheels to these lines. This limits all over soil compaction and frees up a greater proportion of your land for growing crops in undisturbed, healthy soil. Results from controlled-traffic farming can often be achieved with standard equipment but for ease and more accurate results, global positioning system machinery can be a valuable addition to your farm shed in Victoria.

Benefits of controlled-traffic farming?

  • Minimises the area of soil disturbance and allows crop zones to be more easily worked.
  • Improves soil quality and crop health to produce better yields at harvest time
  • Fuel and machinery costs reduce because of fewer trips across the paddock, which also saves the farmer time.
  • Reduced erosion issues and water run off, so soil moisture is retained
  • can reduce input costs such as seed, fertiliser and chemical sprays.

Controlled-traffic farming in combination with no-till farming

Controlled-traffic farming goes hand in hand with no-till and reduced-tillage farming as the two methods overlap and complement each other in what they’re trying to achieve. No-till farming boosts soil health and water retention, while also helping to trap carbon in the soil, all with the same aim of improving yields.

Vic No-Till is the resource to turn to if you’re looking to adopt controlled-traffic farming or zero-till farming in Victoria. Our membership base consists of a long list of farmers who have tried and tested many techniques, and learned the do’s and don’t’s of controlled traffic and no-till farming. Become a member and you can take advantage of their knowledge, as well as free admission to any Vic No-Till farming events which give you practical, take-home ideas to implement on your farm.

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