3 Day Workshops – Finding the Right Balance

August 29, 2017



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Thinking regeneratively
The word sustainability has become a common term in our society today. It has also become our best attempt at trying to describe what we do in the agricultural world. This term is used in a variety of contexts and has taken on many definitions. It is promoted by many individuals and organisations alike.
Additionally, it has been used to describe contrasting ends of several spectrums, including trying to control nature with high input agriculture to working with nature in a very low input fashion. Josh and Tara Dukart believe the word sustainability has lost much of its credibility as it is used loosely and frequently to describe vastly different ideals.
So what does sustainability really mean to the farming community?
Josh says: ͞I’m not so sure it even accurately describes what we are trying to do…or maybe should be trying to do…͟
The Dukarts say the key to creating a successful farming/ livestock operation is three fold:

1. You must be skilled and knowledgeable about producing a healthy, high quality product.
2. You must be able to develop a financial plan that is profitable.
3. You must be able to create and maintain a healthy landscape

The hands-on, practical Finding The Right Balance workshops will help farmers look outside the box for opportunities that will:
 Improve profitability
 Improve health of the land
 Improve health of livestock
 Improve your quality of life

More specifically you will:
 Develop a value-based context to lead decision-making
 Match livestock cycles with environmental cycles to optimise production
 Apply the tools of grazing and animal impact to regenerate the land
 Plan for a profit every year
 Learn how to integrate livestock and cover crops into their farm program
 Empower a management team that is creative and flexible
 Learn how to create wildlife habitat and manage for grazing 365 days a year
Use Holistic Management and make decisions that are financially, ecologically, and socially sound.

Book your tickets here: www.trybooking.com/303753