July 4, 2023

Episode 7

TOM BRIGGS – Lessons About Context And Nutrition When Shifting To A Regenerative Farming System

In this episode of Farmers Helping Farmers our host Dan Fox catches up with vice president Tom Briggs. As a third generation farmer in Victoria, Australia, Tom was never a big fan of school; especially the reading and research assignments that were required. But since discovering the practice of regenerative agriculture there isn’t enough reading, research reports and information available to consume.

Tom has been known to say on many occasions, “I eat, sleep, breathe this stuff and consume every bit I can get.”

Tom is candid in this conversation about the things that have gone right and the things that have gone wrong as he’s worked with his father to introduce new ideas into their mixed broadacre cropping and livestock system. They take a positive and open-minded approach to challenges so they can keep moving towards the goal of better soil health and better farming.

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  • Tom Briggs is speaking at the VicNoTill annual conference Tran$ition23 on July 18, 19 and 20 2023. Livestream and in person tickets available HERE

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