Residue is the Salvation of the Soil

April 20, 2016

“This system is strongly carbon-positive. It is capable of reversing the carbon-stripping process because it mimics nature’s method of removing CO2 from the atmosphere and putting it back into the soil (called sequestration). No other method of drilling does this as effectively and certainly not conventional tillage or ploughing.” Malcolm Hopwood interview with Dr John...

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A ripper of a stripper – Victorian growers get excited

April 13, 2016

As part of a joint stubble retention project, Vic No-Till with the help of Hutcheon and Pearce, demonstrated a Shelbourne Reynolds combine harvester stripper front on no-till CTF farms across Victoria including the Mallee, Northern Victoria and the Western District. The front created great excitement and enthusiasm among growers who could see multiple benefits of...

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Controlled-traffic farming in Victoria – reap benefits from what you sow

November 30, 2015

Years of conventional farming methods have compacted soils and made them less productive and less profitable. If this is typical of your farm and you think there has to be a better way of managing your crops, then consider the benefits of controlled-traffic farming. What is controlled-traffic farming? Controlled-traffic farming reduces soil compaction by creating...

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